Paul J. Anderson was born somewhere in the high Sierras. In the fifth grade, he won the Sierra-Plumas Joint Unified School District Spelling Bee Championship, and to this day, he gently caresses his trophy every night before falling asleep.

After college, during a two-year stint as a school bus driver, Paul's quixotic desire to save the world landed him in Portland, Oregon. There, he took an unpaid internship at MarketShift Strategies, where he met some really cool dudes and thought of some really keen ways to market sustainable products and services.

Soon after, Paul gave up the glamour of his bus driving career for a search engine marketing job at TrafficLeader, a Eugene, Oregon subsidiary of Marchex, Inc. There, he displayed a clever knack for driving qualified clicks to commercial websites, as well as the fine art of analyzing ROI data. His career at Marchex brought him to Seattle.

Paul is a nice guy. Most people like him. In his spare time, he enjoys riding bicycles, spending caffeine-addled Saturday mornings playing Super Contra on NES, cooking, playing guitar and making strange sounds with synthesizers.